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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 13, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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endeavour continues it's crawl across los angeles, and mail thieves on the loose in the east bay. the video
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[applause] >> major delays as the space shuttle endeavour slowly moves through the streets of los angeles. good evening. we begin with developing news. it's been quite a show in los angeles tonight. we're taking a live look right now as space shuttle endeavour ever so slowly winds through the city, more than five hours behind schedule. right now it's at the corner of crenshaw and martin luther king, jr. beloved it's been there for the past few hours. it's headed to the science center. the journey through l.a. has been tricky, full of tight
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squeeze, this one forced dream trimmers to trim branches. endeavour is now estimated to arrive sometime after 5:00 a.m. we'll track its progress. tonight an east bay neighborhood is on alert after a series of mail thefts. it's happening in el cerrito. but neighbors have oned a vasmght surveillance video. sergio quinn tap na is live with the details. reporter: well, terry, there are some homes in this neighborhood that have and pretty sophisticated surveillance systems, and tonight we got an exclusive look at some video that one victim hopes will help catch a thief. >> here he is on the property. running up. past our car. has a cigarette in his hand. >> you're listening to the voice
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of one of the victims in what police say is a series of thefts in this el cerrito neighborhood. we agreed not to use the victim's name but he agreed to walk us through the thief on the surveillance system. >> quickly grabs the mail. turns back around, looks down the hill. obviously got the mail here in his possession. >> police say this suspect may be responsibleor several thefts in the neighborhood. >> over the course of about the past week we have had approximately four incidents of mail theft in el cerrito in the area of arlington boulevard and cutting boulevard. >> the resident who got this surveillance video says this alleged thief made off with a cashier's check from his mail boston. not resident says the thief stole a package right off her steps. >> we find out more since we have a neighbor watch, where
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e-mails are exchanged between neighbors. >> one of the biggest concern by investigators is the possibility of identity theft. >> there may be account information in, depending on if it's a bank statement or financial statement. >> thanks to this surveillance video police have some he can len images of the suspect and the vehicle he drove off in. they believe it's a silver or white chevrolet coe cobalt. now, there were four different cases of mail theft reported in this neighbor, but there may be other victims and they're hoping residents will continue monitoring all their accounts and if for some reason they may have been a victim, they should contact the police. abc-7 news. >> in heyward tonight, a pedestrian and a motorcyclist are sear you his injured after a collision. police tell is us it happened just after 9 tonight. both directions of jackson were
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shut down. >> a house in clayton suffered damage after a car in the garage caught on fire. we have some cell phone video to show you, showing you how the fire began. a porsche inside the garage caught fire. the owner had parked there just a few minutes before. everyone managed to get out okay. in west san jose tonight, police say a woman accused of setting at least 11 fires in the past few weeks is under arrest. this is cell phone video of one of the fires. arson investigators say they were staking out the area this evening when they caught the 56-year-old in the act of intentionally setting a large trash can on fire. >> man who helped search for a missing hollister woman tonight is accused of killing her. david quiroz kept police at hollister at bay when they went to talk to him about the missing
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mother. the police found a woman's body inside his home. it's believed to be that of hearth carroll who disappeared on wednesday. police said quiroz said the woman died after they got into an argument. >> we're getting word of a public funeral service for a woman killed in her home in hercules. susy ko was beloved by many of her students and the public service will be on friday, oskt 19th, at st. patrick's church on 7th street in rodeo at 10:00 a.m. darnell and tanya washington are suspected of killing ko. they're being held in king county for a crime spree that involved shooting a deputy. let's see what is going on outside right now. >> we had a nice sunny day across the bay area, right now it's clear across the bay area.
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you can see we have a little area of gray offshore there. can you see that? a thin hazy area. that's an area of low clouds developing offshore. we are clear at the moment from coast to inland with the low clouds will push up against the coastline, and then locally inland during the overnight hours. looking at the current temperature readings -- oh, well, we can't do that yet. right now we have temperature readings -- there they are. temperatures in the low to mid-60s in some inland areas so you can see the mild weather is holding on. slow to cool down, and i'll give you a look at warm to hot weather coming your way by the middle of next week. >> sounds like good baseball weather. the giants take on the st. louis cardinals tomorrow night, game win of the national championship series, and fans of the oorange and black ready for the matchup. here's a preview. >> it's show me the money time here in san francisco. the giants are in town to fight for the national league pennant,
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and the city's businesses are getting ready to reap in the cash that tens of thousands of fans are expected to spend in the city in the next couple of days. insure. >> the san francisco giants are warming up for sunday's game against st. louse here at at&t park. they're happy for the home field advantage and the boost the giants fans are sure to provide. >> we need you a lot. >> the san francisco giants. >> a hot giants team brings in fans and money to san francisco. many local businesses count on the fans and cash the giants attract to survive financially. >> really depend on giants for big business. lots of people and drink and food. >> and lots of money for the polo grounds. >> we live for them. all the bars in the neighborhood, we just -- that's our bread and butter, what we live for. >> these businesses say they're
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ready for anticipated crowds. >> we're very excited. expect to be very busy on sunday with the 49ers, and now they announced the game at 5:00, so could be a long day. >> it's been very busy at the giants dugout where out of town fans are scooping up giants merchandise. >> i'm here from north carolina. the biggest giants fan in north carolina so we'll spend money to see these guys. >> tickets are expected to be hard to get and expensive. that's where scalpers come in. we spoke to one scammer who didn't want to be seen on camera. he expects to profit from selling the cheapest spaces in the stadium. >> have to get at least 170 on up and that's for a standard room. >> so, we checked with ticket prices. we checked sources like stub hub to find out. we found $128 for standing room, and up to $10,000 for two lower box seats. now, the game starts tomorrow at 5:07. at at&t park in san francisco,
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abc-7 news. >> thanks very much. about 5:15 the game will kick off. the giants playing two at home, then three on the road, and if necessary, two games back here in san francisco. still to come at 11:00, new details about the boat rescue in the san francisco bay. tonight the opener of the boat tells abc-7 news what happened. >> and breaking records on the campaign trail. the candidates that made history and why, later this hour. plus. >> if they do re-open the store, i bet you a lot of kids will be very happy. >> the fight to rebuild a dirt-filled pool in the east
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>> the meningitis outbreak is growing more deadly and federal health officials now say the number of deaths has risen to 15. the number of people sickened now stanes at 197, spread over 1 states. the outbreak started with steroid shots for back pain made in massachusetts. the medication has been recalled. >> we're learning more about what happened on the party boat that ran aground and ban sinking in san francisco bay. 22 people had to be rescued after the accident, and today we caught up with the owner of the boat. nick smith as the story. reporter: take a look at this video, just obtained by abc-7 news. these hair-raising moments captured as 22 people had to be rescued from a sinking boat in the san francisco bay. the group was enjoying a bachelor party when the boat hid
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a show and immediately started taking on water and sinking. >> the gear was working great. the captain was, in my point, the crew was in tip top shape. >> melissa mcdowell and her family started their business in march. >> we were ready to just go, go, go, and a freak accident on the bay. >> an accident that left two large holes torn into the boat's hull, making it impossible to sail. she had bookings guaranteed through november. now, everything is on hold. >> i made a lot of calls this morning, told some of my customers the disappointing news. >> running the vessel since 1990. >> the captain towed the boat in for repair and says the accident could have been avoided. >> the buoy marks the rock, and they went inside and basically a navigational error. >> according to melissa the neptune's captain has almost 20 years of nautical experience under his belt and immediately
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ruled out drugs and alcohol. >> the crew is tested wind two -- within two hours. >> pet ya officer says an official investigation is underway but boating accidents in the bay happen all the time. >> they happen to the most season maritime veterans and people going out in a kayak. >> the neptune will sail again and will take six to eight weeks to repair, making it ready just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. >> in berkeley, neighborhood kids dressed in swim suits but no where to swim, spent the day campaigning to restore their local pool. right now willard pool looks more like a garden. it's filled with dirt instead of water. the city closed it because of cutbacks. today organizers held a mock swim-a-thon to support measures. if passed they would rebuild and re-open willard pool among others. >> we'll come swim here, because the kids that come here, they
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hang with the fans in the sun there, and it's sad to see that the pool is filled with dirt. >> now, opponents of measures o and n argue the city shouldn't undertake any major projects until it has cash to cover all the unfunded liabilities. >> parents and school kids grabbed paint brushes and pitched in, in the mission district, restoring a mural that was accidently painted over in june. the district didn't realize the mural had just been painted by a group of students and the group says it will take a few more weekends to bring the mural back to life. >> a mick tour of men and meat may have led to a world record in el cerrito. an effort by a group called burning life, made up of cooks and fundraiser, the world's largest meat loaf. had to be at least 220-pounds of meat, eggs, and oniony goodness.
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burning loo loaf will be sending documentation into guinness. a job well done for a reward so rare. >> and so oniony. >> that's my culinary equip. a man who was also well done -- >> indeed, i am. if they wait four days, might be hot enough to actually roast the meat loaf on the sidewalk. it's going to warm up and things are turning summerlike. a live view from the high definition east bay hills camera, looking over the bay tonight. clear skies, at the moment although we expect low clouds to develop later tonight. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. a bit of haze showing up. the low clouds will push up against the coastline and beyond. right now we're looking at mild
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conditions. 62 degrees at antioch, 60 at fairfield. concord, livermore, 62 in oakland, 58 in san francisco. these are the forecast futures. partly cloudy overnight. mostly sunny and mild to warm tomorrow, much warm by mid-week, going to feel like summer. yocan see how clear skies are not only here in the bay area but statewide. high pressure building in to dominate the weather picture. we have an area of active weather to the northwest. that's going to stay to our north as it pushes into the pacific northwest over the next day or so, so we have sunny days ahead. tonight we'll see partly cloudy conditioned as low clouds move locally. inland, low temperatures in the low to mid-50s tonight. up in the north bay valleys, a little cooler. lows may drop into the upper 40s there. now, let's focus on tomorrow in the south bay, sunny skies, mild to warm conditions. let's call it warm. going to top out about
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82 degrees. 78, san jose, on the peninsula, sunny, mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. highs in the 70s. 73 at san mateo. 76 apiece at palo alto and mountain view. on the coast, we'll have a few lingering low clouds, but still expect mild conditions, low to mid-60s there. downtown san francisco, up to 7 a 0. north bay highs, sunny skies, upper 70s to about 80. 78 at santa rosa and napa. on the east bay, highs of 73 in oakland. inland east bay, mild to warm. highs right around 80 degrees. 80 at fairfield and pittsburg. 79 at danville, and near monterey bay, highs in the mid-70s near the bay. watsonville, santa cruz, inland, 82. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. by mid-week next week, by wednesday, we'll see inland highs in the low 90s, upper
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80s around the bay. mid-to-upper 70s on the coast. that's beach weather. going into thursday. thursday, a big day for the 489ers. they take on the seattle seahawks at the stick, candle stick, that is, but insiders call it the stick. now, it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc-7. these people are taking the chance. rachel s, michelle b, and go to and click the win $49,000 button. that will take you to the online forum where you can enter you details. we'll announce the winner next week after the 49ers game. >> you know what today is? today is a birthday for two of the greatest receivers the 49ers ever had. between them a thousand catches. >> one has to be jerry rice.
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>> yes. >> mike shumann -- >> jerry has 920 catches and i have the rest. >> i say the premiere receivers. >> still older than either one of you. stanford and notre dame, their annual meet. stanford won the last three and had the irish on the road, with stout defense but you have to have a little offense t
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>> snoon stan understood looking for their fourth straight win over notre dame in south bend. the second road game for josh nunes. didn't look his best. first quarter, picked off by jackson. had two picks on the day. the only stanford touchdown courtesy of the defense. 7-3 stanford. first time the irish trailed this season. took notre dame until the fourth quarter to get their first td. we're tied at 10. like last week, game was decided in o.t. irish first. jones, touchdown.
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stanford going for the tie. on fourth and goal, taylor gets stuffed at the line. went to the booth for instant replay, ultimately called a stop. i'm not sure. stanford falling to 4-2. notre dame improves to 6-0. 20-13 the final. >> cal hosted by washington state and the bears seem to be finding their mojo. first quarter, allen takes the slant route from maynard. and breaks a fuel tackles. turns on the jets. nice move. bears off and running. allen, 11 catches, 166 yards, 7-0 bears. zach maynard, the keeper. fourth quarter, anderson, 29 yards for the second touchdown of the game. he had 112 yards. cal wins their second in a row, 31-17. >> san jose state hosting utah state on homecoming. the first wac matchup of the
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season. williams goes 86 yards. finished witness 176-yards on the day. 35-20 utah. next aggie possession. the quarterback on the keeper. 28 yards. six more. 42-20. david fails -- david sail pressured all day. a school record 14 sacks. spartans 49-27 the final. >> our upset of the day, west virginia facing texas tech, geno smith held to one touchdown. and 504 yards. six touchdowns, on the money, great throw to the corner. texas tech with the upset, 49-14 the final. >> giants and cardinals in the income nlcs and a scary moment today at practice, row roberto y
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was hit in the head by a buster posey line drive during
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>> game one of the nlcs begins tomorrow night at at&t park. giants and st. louis. both teams had to overcome major adversity to get there. giants had to win three on the road in cincy. last night the cardinals had to beat the washington nationals. certainly make a great series. >> one of those things that we knew we we could do it, but we knew it would be very hard, and have to take it one game at a time. >> the difference will be who can play together and stay the closest and who is the better team, not just on the field but the best group of guys. i have a lot of confidence with my team.
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>> mike: 5:15 first pitch. then yankees hosting the tigers. each -- ichir two-run shot, 4-2 tigers. then ibanez, ties the game at four. game went to extras. top four. delmon young lines to right. poorly played by swisher, allows cabrera to score the game-winning rbi. then derek jeter fielding this ball, hurts his left ankle. out for the season. tigers with the 6-4 victory. coming up. 49ers-giants preview and a new hall of famer in the giants wing. >> still to come, we're keeping an eye on the progress hoff the space shuttle endeavour as it slowly
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good evening. in tonight's headlines. el cerrito police are looking for this man. they say he has been taking packages and outgoing mail off of front porches. >> a car near clayton cost $205,000 in damage to a garage and house. the owner of the car had just parked in the garage minutes
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before the fire broke out. everyone got out safely. >> david quiroz is facing murder charges in the death of a hollister woman. police found a body in his apartment this morning. police said the woman died after the two got into an argument. let's take a look at some live pictures of the space shut endeavour. it's slowed from a crawl to a snail's pace and now a dead stop. endeavour is now estimated to arrive at the california science center sometime after 5:00 tomorrow morning. limited visibility seems to be an issue. >> because it's dark, we do have an illumination truck but it's hard to distinguish actual objects from shadows, and the surface of the vehicle is incredibly fragile. you can literally damage a tile with your thumbnail. so he slowed the pace down to maybe half mile-an-hour.
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>> it was no major single reason for that five-hour delay. officials say it was the accumulation of many small problems involving maneuvering and maintenance, including the small tree on crenshaw boulevard. it forced tree trimmers to clear branches, allowing the shut toll barely inch through. right now it's getting ready to make a right turn on to martin luther king, jr. boulevard. it's been there for fewer hours now. in the race for the white house, president barack obama's campaign today says it has just surpassed four million donors. mitt romney's campaign has not released its latest numbers. the next presidential debate is just a few days away. here's a report on what the candidates are doing ahead of tuesday's clash. >> president barack obama flew to williamsburg, virginia to
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practice for his next presidential debate. hoping to make a better showing than the first go-round with mitt. the town hall's format may be better for president obama. >> it will be a better arena and it's social issues, that puts mitt romney in a tricky spot. >> in the meantime, mitt romney is keeping up the momentum from the first debate. he prepped before campaigning in the critical battle ground state of ohio. >> we want to have a real recovery and i'm going to help bring it. >> also in ohio, romney's vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan, attacked mr. obama for not doing enough to strengthen the u.s. economy. not so says the president, in his weekly address. he pointed to his bailout of the u.s. auto industry. >> i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way. >> the president is betting on star power to bowl -- bowlster
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his chances. president clinton and bruce springsteen will work next week. >> the next presidential debate, tuesday at hofstra university in new york, and this one will have the town hall format. we'll carry it live starting at 6:00 p.m. >> californians like online voter registration but that might not be good news for'mans. more than 400,000 canadians have ridge -- californians have if ridge erred to vote, and more than 70% of them are registering as democrats. >> amd is cutting more than 2300 jobs. computers just aren't selling as well as they used to. amd cut 10% of the work force last year. this time around the number figures to be about 20%. mostly in engineering and sales. >> investigators in los angeles are trying to figure out what caused a patrol car to crash. the squad car went airborne,
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crashing into a fence, landing on top of another car in someone's driveway. three officers were responding to a call friday when the accident happened. the officers were taken to the hospital and all of them are expected to be okay. a california father is issue ago an extreme warning to speeding drivers. he put this sign up in front of his home in bakersfield. the sign reads: warning, you hit my kid you will be shot. he says many neighbors support the sign and it's working. drivers are following the 25 miles-per-hour speed limit. >> i'm not here to hurt anybody. that's not my intention. just that have everyone slow down and we're good. >> it's a little much. a little shocking. but i understand their frustration and -- i mean, aside -- >> we have kids. >> aside from doing that, the only alternative is possibly speed bumps and i don't think that would be accepted very well in the neighborhood. >> police say he is not breaking any laws with the sign. you can say he just can't do it.
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>> in norway, base jumper got off to a bad start when his equipment broke. look at this. he was swinging on a high bar atop a 3,000-foot high cliff and the bar breaks, sending him flying off the edge. one person who witnessed the accident said everyone was certain henrickson was dead. he wasn't. he was able to deploy his parachute just seconds before smashing into the ground. >> coming up at 11:00, don't overpay with online shopping. mikal finney shows you a simple trick to get the best prices. >> the costumes come out in new york city. boys and girls, men and women, everybody getting all dressed up this weekend. >> big warmup is underway here in the bay area and in just a few days we'll see temperatures at summertime level. the
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>> actor gary collins has died, he passed away of natural causes. this is video of him and wife, marian mobley, during the 80's see hosted the miss america program and appeared in numerous movies and tv shows, including the love boat, fantasy island and the sixth sense in the
11:45 pm
70s. >> when negotiating to buy something one of the best techniques is simply walk away. many times the seller will follow you and offer a low price. walking away is a good bargaining technique even when shopping online. michael fenn finney, seven on your side. >> the sound of seven on your sign interns hard at work. i've asked know el garcia and lisa lee to go shopping so they visited the web sites of online retailers, picking out items, putting them in the cart and going through the checkout process almost. you see, right at the end. just before clicking the buy button, they abandon the cart. >> signing out, backing out, and waiting for the e-mail. >> an e-mail offering them a discount. we want know if playing hard to get, gets us a better deal. >> you get an e-mail from the company saying thank you for signing up. sometimes the company will say
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keep us posted if you want to purchase anything, or here's a coupon for the next time you visit us. >> secret sale, $5 off. 10 % off, 25're off, all for walking away. >> this whence you're in a car dealer shown and negotiating with the sealsman and right as you're about to walk off the lot because the price is too high, he rubs to the -- runs to the edge of the lot and brings you back. >> is this brought to you by an online shopping site that keeps tracks of deals and then gives kickbacks to customers. >> you can take what feels natural and put it online. >> not every online etailer runs to the edge of the lot but many do and ross kramer helps them. he is the ceo of an e-mail marketing company. he says amazon has been keeping in touch with customers like this for years. >> we can trigger e-mails based
11:47 pm
upon actions they're take on the web site and add value to the user experience, it's not only a win for the retailer and a win for the consumer. >> which bricks us back to our interns. >> it's surprising, even hours afterwards, they'll send you an e-mail with 20% off. >> so it would work on you. >> it may. >> i personally wouldn't do this because i don't have the time to do this. >> "7 on your side". >> if you have the time, it's worth a shot. >> a lot of people in strange costumes in new york city for the opening of comic kohn, thousands of people dress as one of the avengers and men and women in wonderwomen. >> let's check the forecast. giants in town, niners in town. pressure is on spencer
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christian. >> i think tomorrow the weather will be favorable for all kind of outdoor activities. we have mainly clear skies. a little haze showing up here offshore, representing an area of low clouds developing that will push up against the coastline and beyond during the overnight hours. highs for tomorrow, statewide, under mainly sunny skies, mild to warm. look for 80 degrees in chico. 87 in los angeles. warm in southern california tomorrow. and it's going to be nice and mild to warm here in the bay area again tomorrow as our big warmup is underway. look for mainly sunny skies, lingering low clouds at the coast, still a mild day at the coast with highs in the 60s. we'll see mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and upper 70s to low 80s in the warmest inningland locations and here the seven-day forecast. inland highs, low to mid-8s so, by tuesday, wednesday, 92 degrees, the warmest inland spots, upper 80s around the
11:49 pm
bay. mid-7s so on the -- mid-70s on the coast, and almost as warm as thursday, and temperatures tapering off getting into the weekend. some great summerlike weather. >> bring it back, spencer, thank you very much. >> the big games tomorrow in sequence. let's start with 49ers. >> mike: that's right. two giants in town. 49ers and new york giant waiflghtsz rematch of laughs h last year's nfc title game tomorrow at the stick. and last year he was the giant that made the catch in the winning of the superbowl. this year mario manningham is a 49er, hoping
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>> mike: well, tomorrow afternoon the niners host the new york giants for the first time since the nfc championship game last year. it will be a reunion for mario mappingham who scored a touchdown against the niners in the game and then went on to make one of the greatest catches in super bowl history, making catches with two feet inbounds one of the toughest jobs for a receiver. >> when i was little, our yard wasn't very big, so most kids when they're little, they play one foot in. we always play two feet in, just knowing that's the yard was a little bit snug. so, we got to get two feet in. you ain't have two feet in, you wasn't getting in.
11:53 pm
>> former 49er receiver and kicker gordy in the hall of fame tonight. played nine year twors the 49ers from 1950 to 58. let the league in scoring. will be honored at halftime tomorrow. a well-deserved honor for the 87-year-old player. >> tomorrow night at tt tt at&t park. both teams had to overcome major adversity to get to the series. last night, st. louis had to come from six down to beat the team with the best record in baseball, the washington nationals. both teams full of confidence and should make for a great series. >> i think it's one of those things that we knew we could do it. but we knew it would be very hard, hat to take it, also the cliche goes, one game at a time. >> the difference will be who can play together, who can stay the closest and who is the bester team, not just on the
11:54 pm
field but the best group of guys. we're very, very gritty and grierching. >> alcs. ibanez third home run of the postseason, ties it at 4. game went to extras. top 12, delmon young lines to right, nick swisher didn't get all of it. cabrera scores the game-winning run and derek jeter had to leave the game with a broken ankle. tyings take game one. >> stanford look for theirfight straight win over notre dame in south bend. it was raining and it came down to overtime. the second road game for satch nunes, game's decided in ot last like week. stanford going for the tie on fourth and goal. taylor gets stuffed at the line. looks like his knee never touched the ground. it was reviewed but ultimately called a stop. stanford fall to 4-2, 20-13 the
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final. cal hosted by washington state. the bears seem to be fining a little mojo. first quarter, keenan allen. slant route from zach maynard. breaks three tackles. watch that move. 69 yards later, bears are off and running. cal wins two in a row. going into this saturday's big game, 31-17 the final. >> san jose state hosting utah state on homecoming weekend. the first wac matchup of the season. sparty got to within eight but williams 86 yards to the house, 176 rushing on the day. spartans drop to 4-2 with the 49-27 loss. warriors continue training camp, rookies are fighting for roster spots and today after practice the veterans put them through the real test.
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[clapping] >> mike: you just heard the alphabet during the rookie talent show held at the team's open practice. all rookie goes tot go through some sort of hazing and morris jackson has no problem with it. >> i think it's agreement great for -- it's great. great for team chemistry, great for respect of the veterans and it's just fun. i thought our guys were outstanding. >> mike: third round of the open in the south bay. blitz in second, shot a 5-under 66. great approach shot here. trailing john mallinger, who set a court record yesterday. only 100 today. 18 holes away from his first career victory.
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>> donar dominated from the opening bell. the referee steps in, stops it. retains the title. this abc-7 news sports report. >> happen birthday. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching abc-7 captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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